Michael Daher

Winnipeg Classical Guitar Society

"A First! Finally, a universal guitar method which shows you all the answers to having perfect guitar technique. Dana's compositions along with the traditional pieces in the Teacher's Handbook are very inspiring for me and my students to play."

Michael Daher  - Winnipeg, Canada

Sam Bowman

Guitar Teacher 

"Before I began using the Guitar System, I knew nothing about technique. In fact, I didn't even know what technique was. But once I did, I began playing in a very different way. I started to see the technical structures underlying the notes and chords. And as a result, my playing improved and became more musical. The Guitar System method books have significantly changed the way I think about guitar and how I approach music performance."

Sam Bowman - Quad Cities, Iowa

Don Cappaert

Manager - John Deere

"After two years I have worked my way through the first two books of the Guitar System and I am now halfway through the third book.  These books have helped me build the skills I need for a solid foundation in playing the guitar.  The exercises build skill in a logical approach, progressively adding more skill with each lesson.  I also find the explanations and audio recordings very helpful.  I wouldn't be where I am today without them."

Don Cappaert - Anderson, South Carolina

Seth Van Huss

Guitar Student

"I had spent almost a decade trying to learn guitar using various resources on the internet and other guitar method books. I knew the notes and knew WHAT to play, but I still didn't sound very good and playing was a constant struggle. Guitar System taught me HOW to play. Through focusing on technique and the mechanics of playing, and with the help of Guitar System's unique nano mechanic notation, I was able to unlearn bad habits and launch my skills to a new level. I'm now comfortable playing barre chords, using the full fret board, and playing finger style. I can finally play cleanly with precision. Now when I sit down with a new piece of music, I'm not only focused on what notes to play, but on the mechanics of how to play those notes for the best sound, precision, and speed. I gained more skill and confidence in a year with Guitar System than I did in all those years struggling. Playing guitar is fun again. I only wish I had Guitar System from the start!"

Seth Van Huss - Moline, Illinois

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