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Why choose the Guitar System method?

The Guitar System method teaches the fundamentals used by today's top guitarists. By focusing on time-proven techniques you can learn to play effortlessly in the least amount of time. Save yourself countless hours of frustration by avoiding the bad habits often linked to antiquated methods.



A smaller size electric or nylon string guitar is generally recommended. The lower tension strings found on these guitars places less stress on the fretting fingers and helps prevent the bad habit of applying excessive finger pressure.


Should all students begin with Book 1?

The Guitar System method advances logically from books 1 to 3, and that is the conventional sequence of learning, but to a larege extent each book is also self-contained. (Book 1:  Technique, Book 2:  Chords, and Book 3:  The upper fretboard / navigation.) But an advanced student might for example begin with Book 2 or 3 and then work thorugh Book 1 to refine their technique.


How can an experienced teacher introduce the Guitar System method to their students?

For teachers who have developed a program over many years, we suggest beginning with Book 1 and adopting a single Master Technique. There is no need to completely up-root your routine. We offer online support for all teachers looking to take their lessons to a higher level and look forward to your questions!


Should all students learn the Guitar System master techniques?

Ideally – yes! The Master Techniques will make your playing easier and more enjoyable regardless of the style of music you play. But ultimately it is up to the teacher and student to determine which techniqes will best help a guitarist achieve their musical goals.


How much practice does it take to learn how to play guitar?

The practice time required is relative to the skill level one wishes to achieve. But that time can be greatly reduced by learning effective techniques from the beginning. No amount of practice time will compensate for ineffective methods. I generally recommend five to ten minutes well-focused daily practice which is far superior to one or two long sessions each week.


Does the Guitar System include traditional 'sing-along' songs?

No, and for good reaason. Traditional 'sing-along' melodies were never composed for the purpose of learning to play guitar. In contrast, the music within the Guitar System was written specifically for the guitar with the goal of helping a guitarists become profiecnt in the least amount of time. (A collection of traditional songs is included in the Teacher's Handbook for those students wanting to play a few 'familiar tunes.")

What We Can Do For You

We are dedicted to providing the best learning method for guitar teachers and students. 

GS1 - Melodic Waves

Open / First position notes. Fundamentals and technique.

GS2 - Harmonic Galaxy

Primary chords - Open / Pre-bar.  Strategic finger placement.

GS3 - Quantum Universe

Upper fretboard. Scales, Bar-chords, T-L-Z Navigation System.

Teacher's Handbook

A great resource for teachers. Additonal details for every lesson. 

Why Teachers Choose Guitar System?

The top five reasons why guitar teachers choose Guitar System:  1-Master Techniques and Skills.  2-Online support for teachers and students.  3-Guitar System seminars and master clases.  4-Easy order and fast delivery.  5-Ambassador commisions.


Experienced teachers know the importance of technique. Superior skills can often surpass years of practice. The Guitar System Master Techniques are rooted in the laws of physics which can be applied to all styles of guitar playing.


Online Support

Each Guitar System book includes free online membership. We also provide support for teachers and students. If you have questions we're here to help!

Master Classes

A Guitar System Seminar or Masterclass is a great way to help your students take their playing to a higher level. On location or online sessions are available.


The Guitar System method provides a consistent learning experience.  We offer a number of easy purchase options for teachers, lesson studios, and students.

Ambassador Commissions

We greatly appreciate the dedication of the guitar teachers we work with and the time they spend with their students. As a token of our appreciation, we provide a commision to all teachers registered as GS-Ambassadors.

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